Catholic Reflection Center

Retreat Schedule – 2019

Coming June 14th – 16th, 2019

“Grace and Presence” – Renewing our Relationship with the Sacraments – Directed by Fr. Matthew Kauth

Fr. Matthew Kauth – Rector of St. Joseph Seminary – Charlotte, NC – Former Pastor of St. Francis of Assisi RCC, Franklin NC

To Provide each with an experience of the Grace of God that is poured out as we journey and experience each of the Sacraments in our daily lives.

Fr. Matthew Kauth is a priest of the Diocese of Charlotte, NC. Having completed his STB at Catholic University, Fr. Kauth was ordained in the Jubilee of our Lord 2000. He served as a parochial vicar, administrator, and pastor (St Francis of Assisi – Franklin, NC) before being sent to Rome for a license and doctorate in Moral Theology. He obtained the doctorate in 2012 and was appointed chaplain of a high school while teaching at Belmont Abbey College. In 2014, he spearheaded a commission to study the possibility of starting a college seminary in the Charlotte Diocese in cooperation with the College. In 2016, St. Joseph College Seminary was established and Fr. Kauth became its first Rector, a position in which he continues to serve today.  Fr Kauth is known for giving parish missions and talks on a variety of topics.  His latest work is a book and parish series on the Sacraments, a topic he will explore more fully with you on retreat.

This Retreat is open to EVERYONE

2019 Hosted Retreats

Feb 15– 17Secular Franciscan Spiritual Assistants Training – Diocese of Atlanta, GA
Mar 7-
Lenten Season Spiritual Exercises for Men Retreat – Fr. Sutter (Open to all       Men)
Mar 10-15Mount St. Joseph University with Sr. Marge Kloos
Mar 22 -24(Closed Retreat)
Mar 29-30Bryson Laird – Men’s Day of Reflection
April 1-4Hispanic Ministry Coordinators Retreat – Fr. Fidel Melo
April 5-7St. Matthew’s – Charlotte, NC – Parish RCIA Retreat
May 17-19Secular Franciscan Spiritual Assistants Training – Diocese of Atlanta, GA
June 3-7Oratorians
June 14-16*NEW – “Grace and Presence” – Renewing our Relationship with the Sacraments.—Fr. Matthew Kauth – Rector of St Joseph Seminary, Charlotte (Former Pastor of St. Francis of Assisi, Franklin-Open to ALL
Aug 6-8Women’s Retreat, Preached – (open to all women)
Sept20-22Catholicism’s Best Kept Secret: Three Stages of Catholic Spirituality with        Michael Coyle (open to all)
Sept 27-29OCDS Fall Retreat (Closed Retreat)
Oct. 6 – 11Diocesan Priests’ Retreat
Oct. 11-13
Ministry to Persons With a Homosexual Inclination of Charlotte Annual Retreat – (Theme to be announced)
Oct 18-21* NEW – Annual Nature Retreat –
“Wondrous Gift of Creation in God’s Presence” Open to ALL – Led by Ellen Simon – Spiritual Director
Oct. 25-27Men of Veritas, Men’s Preached Retreat (Open to all Men)
Nov 15-17

Secular Franciscan Spiritual Assistants Training – Diocese of Atlanta, GA
Dec 5-8Advent Season Spiritual Exercises of Ignatius for Women (Open to all Women)